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     Speaking with our clients is an important part of what we do.   Many clients feel free to communicate with us by mail. telephone, facsimile or e-mail.  We welcome all such communications.  You can use the following information to help you talk with us:

     Mail:  Our mailing address is 170 Main Street, Groton, New York 13073.  Express Mail generally arrives around 9 a.m.   U.P.S. delivers around 11 a.m.  Federal Express and Airborne Express generally deliver around 1 p.m. Please do not send materials to our Ithaca office unless we have discussed the mailing beforehand.

     Facsimile (“Fax”):  Our fax line is 607-898-3765.  If you call this line, you can send a facsimile by using the automatic start function on your machine or by pressing “start” once you hear the line answer.  If you reach our answering machine when you are trying to send a fax, you can send a fax by pressing the “#” sign and then the “start” button on your machine. 

     Telephone during business hours: Normally we have staff available during our business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to take your call.  Sometimes we become very busy and the answering machine may take your call during the business day.  Our policy is to return messages within two or three hours of your leaving the message and in no case later than the next business morning

    Telephone after hours: Outside our 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours, kindly leave a message on our voice mail: we monitor it regularly seven days a week.  In an emergency -- such as an arrest, child emergency, receipt of legal papers requiring immediate action -- you can also call our alternate Ithaca Office line at 607-280-4954.  If no one answers on the alternate Ithaca Office line, it will roll over to a voice-mail service and that service will notify a member of our staff at any hour through a beep on our cellular telephone service.

     Please also understand that, unlike a doctor’s office, our telephone service is not designed to wake us up and answers may need to wait until the next business day.    

     Electronic mail: We welcome electronic mail messages.  Generally we answer electronic mail within one day of receipt: electronic mail is received and sent around 6 a.m. each day.  A word to the wise: We like to keep all client conversations private whenever possible, and that includes electronic mail.  Clients should, therefore, be aware that communicating over the Internet, and specifically by e-mail, is not necessarily secure.  While we will treat all such communications as confidential, please be aware that it is possible for others to intercept such e-mail while it is coming to us.  Please bear this in mind when using e-mail to reach us.
















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Ward & Murphy

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Main Office Fax: 607-898-3765

Ithaca Office Phone: 607-272-2816

Toll Free: 877-212-4722

Ithaca Office Alternate Line: 607-280-4954

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