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     EXISTING CLIENTS: For those people who are already clients of the Firm, appointments are available as follows:

                          Starting At        Ending By
Monday:           9:30 a.m.            2 p.m.
Tuesday:           9:30 a.m.            5 p.m.  (usually in Ithaca office)
Wednesday:     9:30 a.m.            2 p.m.
Thursday:         9:30 a.m.            5 p.m.
Friday:               9:30 a.m.            2 p.m..

     We can also be available on selected evenings and Saturday mornings if you call ahead for an appointment.

     Kindly call us if you miss an appointment as soon as you are aware that you missed your appointment.  We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments after one appointment is missed.

     RETAINING US – a primer for potential new clients:  Retaining the Firm – or any lawyer – is just like any other business transaction: you need a contract.  The fact that you have an appointment with us DOES NOT mean that we have agreed to work with you OR that you must work with us.  The only way in which the Firm will be obligated to work on your matter is by your signature on a retainer letter sent to you by the Firm after your initial consultation with us.  We believe a written contract is the best way to start our relationship.

    Before you hire us and before we agree to help you, we need to talk with you in a Aconsultation.@  In a consultation, you will receive basic advice about your options and how to hire us, including our rates.  We charge a reduced rate for our initial consultations. 

     In order to arrange a consultation, we will ask you to make an appointment.  Generally, an initial consultation appointment is for 30 minutes -- although consultations for some matters, like matrimonial matters, will take up to an hour. 

      As you might expect, we guard information we receive from our clients carefully.  Our specific privacy policy is sent to each client as part of our retainer agreement.  A copy of that policy is available by clicking here (Adobe 4.0 format).

     For more information, please call 898-3190 or, if you are outside of Tompkins County, call toll-free at 877-212-4722.  You may also e-mail us to obtain an appointment at [email protected]
















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